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Pregnancy Support

‘Pregnancy is a rite of passage A portal to deeper healing’ 

Within the Sacred Birth Centre we recognise that the journey of conceiving & growing a baby is an emotional, spiritual & physical experience. A pregnant mother undergoes a process of transformation during these months that requires love, tenderness, care, compassion & support.

These journeys, are also sacred rites of passage, a process of matrescence which has largely been forgotten in modern culture. In our busy, productive way of living, many pregnant mums don’t get the opportunity to pause & be still in the present moment during their pregnancies. There isn’t always emphasis on holistic care of the mother in pregnancy in the mainstream narrative due to prenatal care mostly focusing on tests & checking for problems, but not deeply nourishing the mum. This is where our culture could benefit from a greater awareness of the needs of mothers.


Our foundational core values visions a world where these needs are seen & addressed.

Within the Sacred Birth Centre, there is a deep honouring of this journey. We prioritise holistic nourishment & emotional support throughout these profound experiences.

Mother and Daughter

Sensual Pregnancy

With Freya Rose Birch


Experience Pregnancy and birth through pleasure centred embodiment practices to meet and transform pain to pleasure.  Self-love, pleasure and sensuality increase oxytocin and support with natural pain relief for birth as well as empowering women to feel uninhibited and free to open during labour.

Includes somatic trauma healing, sensual embodiment, goddess connection, nervous system regulation, community and sisterhood. Freya also runs a sacred pregnancy three month program Keys to and Ecstatic Birth. See our trainings for more details.  


Every last Monday of the month (excluding bank holidays).
The Goddess House, Glastonbury. 

12-2pm: £20 (£10 concession) No need to book  

Pregnancy Yoga & Village Prenatal group

With Joy, Jady & Rebekah

Village Prenatal Group - Every Wednesday in the Miracles room, Glastonbury.

10am-12pm: £8 No need to book 
Our Village Prenatal group was established in Glastonbury 2010 to provide support and unbiased information about pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Pregnancy is a time of profound transformation which prepares us for labour, birth and becoming parents. We know that physical, psychological and spiritual preparation can lead to empowered birth experiences. Join us every Wednesday for a nurturing sharing of innate wisdom, and support from others who are pregnant. Share your hopes and fears, experience Bellymapping, Crafting or Birth art, learn  about herbs for pregnancy and after birth, and find out about your rights and options.

Matasana Pregnancy Yoga - Every Thursday in the Avalon room, Glastonbury. 

10am-11.15am: £8 No need to book  

Matasana yoga initiated by Rebekah Mené Spirito offers a safe and nurturing space for pregnant mothers to come and connect with themselves, their babies and the community. 

This class is very gentle and soft with an abundance of spiralling, mudras, embodiment practices, guided meditations, sound therapy and yoga nidras. The class gives pregnant mothers opportunities to connect in with their growing baby and attune to their rich bodily wisdom.


Sacred Pregnancy & Postnatal Clinic 

With Joy

Our sacred pregnancy consultant, birth keeper, former independent midwife and practitioner of shamanic womancraft, Joy Horner, is offering a pregnancy clinic.

Book an appointment to find out your rights and options in pregnancy, combining the sacred with the practical when planning pregnancy or birth after trauma, and those whose pregnancies are not straightforward. 

30, 60 or 90 minute appointments available for *Sacred pregnancy and birth planning, *Rights and options in pregnancy and birth, *Belly mapping, *Prenatal health and wellbeing, *Birth trauma healing journey, *Planning pregnancy and birth after trauma, *Rewind technique, *Drum journeys, & *Specialist VBAC and breech birth planning.

Every Tuesday in the Goddess House, Glastonbury.

Midday-4pm: £80 per hour (concessions available)  Pre-booking advised but walk-ins may be available


Mother Blessing Ceremony

A mother blessing is a ceremonial day of ritual designed to honour & nurture the mother-to-be (or be again) with loving care before her baby arrives.

Surrounded by her closest female friends and family members, she enjoys a sumptuous day of pampering and care. She is acknowledged by each of her guests with their words of support, affirmation, wisdom and prayer.

At the Sacred Birth Centre we have a range of Birthkeepers offering Mother Blessing Ceremonies - Please contact us for more information at

Pregnancy Massage

With Ellise

A pregnancy massage is a specially adapted massage for pregnant women, available after the first trimester.


Ellise will listen to your particular concerns regarding any tension or pain, then working with massage, breath, sound and comfy pillows to help alleviate any discomforts and promote deep relaxation.

The back massage is seated, led over a couch with lots of pillows for ultimate relaxation, and led on the couch in an a semi reclined position for the rest of your body.


Receiving regular massage during pregnancy has been shown to significantly reduce depression, anxiety, leg and back pain, decrease stress & levels of cortisol which helps to reduce labour pain & labour time.


£75 for 60 minutes, £100 for 90 minutes

Doula at Home

Our Birthkeepers & Doulas

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