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The Sacred Birth Centre is part of a family of spaces owned and administered by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. As such, our spirituality and holding of sacred space is Goddess-centred.

Whilst we await a physical premises on the Isle of Avalon, we are already delivering sacred services to pregnant, birthing, and postnatal families in our community.


Our Story

The Sacred Birth Centre is a centre on the Isle of Avalon. This organisation, which is part of Glastonbury’s Goddess Temple, is a women-centred not for profit social enterprise organisation, based in Glastonbury.

Birth is an everyday miracle, a Sacred Act to be revered & honoured by all. Our Centre honours the importance of the journey of Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Motherhood & Parenthood, as well as holding tenderly the journey through Pregnancy Loss & Release.

We aim to be a Centre of Excellence for Sacred Birth philosophy, education & practice. Our desire is to inform, inspire & enhance the experience of Birth for parents, babies & birth practitioners throughout the world.

Get to Know Us

We recognise that conception, pregnancy, birth &  parenthood are Sacred Rites of Passage within the lives of individuals & communities. We support & promote both new & ancient ways of working at these thresholds that are rooted in land, traditions & modern day knowledge.

Currently our team includes Doulas, Birthkeepers, Priestesses, Antenatal teachers, experienced Mothers, Midwives, an Obstetrician/Fertility specialist, trauma informed support, ecstatic birth teachers, pre & post natal Yoga teachers & a whole array of wise women & people. 

The sacred birth centre has been made possible by an extremely kind anonymous donor.

Kathy Jones aided by Kate Temple initiated the project, and Freya Rose Birch and Joy Horner were appointed project weavers in November 2022.

Our MotherWorld Values

The Sacred Birth Centre is a cornerstone for the manifestation of the vision of the ‘Motherworld’ principles which were initiated by Kathy Jones.

“Motherworld is the society where Mother Earth, Mothers, the values of mothering & caring for each other, all Earths creatures & nature are placed in the centre of our lives & communities rather than being left out on the periphery as they are in a patriarchal society.”


MotherWorld is the society in which creative, nurturing & life-affirming values, actions, insights & awareness are honoured & encouraged in women, men, children & all people. It is the society that is grounded in the fact that we all live upon our Mother Earth. She is our Great Mother, the Source & Foundation of all that we are & all that we have. We need to take care of our Mother, of each other and of all life.


Mothers are the primary caregivers in the world who nurture & raise children. They do not do this alone, but with the loving support of fathers, the wider family & community. These children are the future of our human species, of our world. If we do not care for & support mothers, that lack of support damages the ability of mothers to unconditionally gift love & care to their children. In turn children go on to become damaged adults, & so the cycles of harm continue. Our families & societies need to honour and take care of all Mothers.


These ideas and principles are at the core of our vision for the Sacred Birth Centre.

Our Offerings


Conception, whether planned or unplanned can be a sensitive period of adjustment to the idea of being a parent.

Some people spend many years planning a much hoped for pregnancy, and some require help to achieve this.

No matter what your situation we have Sacred birthkeepers, and other specialists who can support you in your choices.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Expecting Couple



Our comprehensive pregnancy services include courses and classes, rituals and ceremonies to honour and inform. 


Add to your knowledge of pregnancy and labour, prepare for empowered birth, and feel held in community by Sacred Birth keepers.


Holding labour and birth as a sacred rite of passage, enables us to focus on the core needs of  women, parents, and their new babies.


We offer birth support, ritual and ceremonies to prepare for this sacred portal.

We honour the transformative nature of birth, and the conscious and active role that babies have in the process.

Water Birth


Image by João Paulo de Souza Oliveira



We are building "The Village" to support new families in the precious weeks after birth, to nourish and support families as their children grow, through practical help, education, sacred rituals and ceremony.

We offer a wide range of postnatal support, from postnatal circles to individual one-on-one home support from a Doula.

Pregnancy Loss & Release.

Here at the Sacred Birth Centre we honour the dance between birth & death. Believing that Loss & Release is an integral part to offer support for. 

We have some very beautiful women-centred services & individuals to offer support for these sometimes vulnerable times.


Loss &

Doula Support during Pregnancy



The Sacred Birth Centre is passionate about providing in-depth information & trainings to both families & to birthkeeper. 

We offer comprehensive trainings about holistic, women-centred approaches to pregnancy, birth & postnatal. Within our courses we strive to connect into the potent spiritual & physical realms & how they interplay with one another.

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