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Birth Support

“Healing Birth heals Mother Earth”
- Jeannine Parvati 

At the Sacred Birth Centre, we honour the belief that ALL births are a ‘rite of passage’. A spiritual journey in which a person is removed from their ordinary day to day by surrendering to the unknown, through the birth dance they experience transformation & emerge afterwards. No matter how birth unfolds, whether the baby is born by candlelight, in broad daylight on the bathroom floor, or in a hospital delivery suite, it always has the potential to be understood through this meaningful lens.

Whilst acknowledging & honouring the sacred nature of ALL birth, at the Sacred Birth Centre we do want mothers to experience positive births.
We believe in the innate wisdom of birthing bodies & have our focus on the sharing of birth knowledge.
Gentle, loving & caring birth practices can help heal women, men & their babies, changing the lives of future generations. Love, trust & knowledge are the key elements of gentle birth. We provide mothers before birth with meaningful personalised preparation, so they can birth & receive postnatal support, in safety & dignity. This focus on education & empowerment through the sharing of knowledge is the main foundation for the Sacred Birth Centre.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Our Birthkeepers & Doulas

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