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Postnatal Support

“The Placenta is our second mother. It is Mother Nature nurturing us with her perfection”
- Marian de Jong

Postnatal support is a huge part of Sacred Birth Centre vision and current practice. In the right conditions, when planned for, with good support from multiple people, it can be a blissful time for a mother, baby & family. Enjoying being skin to skin, falling in love. Baby is experiencing all of the sounds, smells, sights and sensations of life outside the womb, held, fed and supported in this transition to life by their mother, and she held in turn by her partner, doula or family. However, even a well-supported postpartum can be a time of immense change & turbulence for a family, bringing emotion and even grief for what is ending and changing with this new beginning. 


The significant support that is necessary to curate a blissful, restful postpartum is not readily available for most mothers in our western culture, who are expected to “bounce back”, to “get back to normal”. The permission to rest and let go of external productivity isn’t present in the undercurrent of western society. Without support with households tasks and older children during the postnatal period, mothers are at risk of physical and emotional issues. Breastfeeding is a goal for many, but it is a new learned skill, and often knowledgeable help is needed.


Every postpartum contains its own intricate weave of experiences. No matter what sort of postpartum a mother is having, whether she is rejoicing in the birth or recovering from a difficult birthing journey or even major surgery, she has the task of caring for a baby 24/7. Mothers are powerful, resilient. This is an ode to mothers. We see you, we honour you. You are respected. 

Image by Wren Meinberg

Postnatal Yoga & Groups

With Joy, Jady & Rebekah

Parent & Baby Group - Every Wednesday in the Miracles room, Glastonbury.

12pm-2pm: By Donation No need to book 

Matasana Baby Yoga - Every Thursday in the Avalon room, Glastonbury. 

11.30am-12.45am: £8 No need to book  

Matasana yoga initiated by Rebekah Mené Spirito offers a safe and nurturing space for postnatal mothers to come and connect with themselves, their babies and the community.

The post natal class is restorative and nourishing for the mother, whilst creating relaxation and connection with babies. This focused attention with the babies during the classes helps to lift the spirit and raise oxytocin levels up. There's lots of eye contact between mother and baby, and breastfeeding meditations as well as pelvic floor exercises and gentle yoga postures.

Body Wrapping

With Chrystèle

Chrystèle offers Heart & Womb Wrapping sessions for mothers to celebrate &/or integrate their birth story. This can be very beneficial & healing - even long after the birth. This is a gentle, nurturing space, bearing witness to the birth journey & the amazing rite of passage that is becoming a Mother. Chrystèle also offers postnatal massage.


Mama Village


Mama Village is a community network of 80 mothers in Glastonbury, co-creating our collective vision of a nourished and supported family of belonging, where mothering and the journey of Matrescence is at the centre of our awareness.

Feeding, supporting, nourishing each other with openness, equality and love. Everyone is welcome in our Village and together we thrive. 


Mamma village was created by Rebekah Mené Spirito in 2022 and since has blossomed into a huge project of mother's, supporting each other. We meet every two weeks, to share food and share our hearts, we discuss parenting skills, and together solve problems and issues together as a family. 


We truly believe that together we are re-weaving something our bones remember, and parenting in a way that is respectful, and kind to our children. Our online community group is a hub of questions, stories, challenges and triumphs. A powerful web of Mother's -where you can get any question answered, and medicine dropped to your door late at night! 


If you would like to join our mamma village community you can email

Closing the Bones Ceremony

We are opened energetically as well as physically during pregnancy and birth, our bodies having been a portal for the new soul to travel through. In closing the body energetically as well as physically we can prevent the leakage of energy which can continue throughout our lives. 


Our Closing the Bones ceremonies are usually performed by 2 practitioners in your own home. We begin with an honouring or blessing of the mother. If the birth was difficult she is invited to ritually release the birth she didn't have, and welcome the birth she did have. 

The ritual is personalised with a variety of healing elements like hand, foot, or belly massage, or a relaxing herbal bath. 

The closing is done by gently and firmly wrapping your head and body with rebozo or scarves, accompanied by drumming, music, or singing. A few minutes of stillness then allow unresolved emotions to flow. 

You are then slowly unwrapped - symbolising the shedding of your old skin and moving into this new phase. 

Once complete, you can be fed nourishing food and drinks, and can quietly sit and integrate your experience.

Closing the Bones is a postpartum healing ceremony which originated in South America. It was created to honour and nurture the mother after giving birth and promote healing.  It is a ceremonial holding of sacred space, a way to help body, mind and spirit integrate the experiences of bringing forth new life. Postpartum practices have dissappeared in many parts of the world so we’re having to re-learn from our South American teachers who have generously shared their wisdom with us. Traditionally, Closing the Bones was repeated 5-6 times during the forty sacred days following birth. In some countries women are still well cared for in this first 40 days, with daily massages, special healing foods, and having their bellies massaged and wrapped. In the UK, closing the bones usually takes place in the first few weeks after birth, commonly at 6 weeks to mark the completion of the first 40 days, but can happen any time after the baby is born. Even years later it’s known to be a beneficial part of the recovery process.

Image by Miguel Gonzalez
Image by Zach Lucero

Birth Debrief

Supporting families whose previous birth or life experiences have been traumatic. We hold space for birth unravelling, our Sacred Birthkeepers are here to support you to unravel and come to terms with/accept or understand your journey. We honour all birth as a rite of passage and there is no shame with how your baby is born. A gentle holding space, this can include healing bodywork, ceremony, and sacred listening.

Roots and Wings Holistic Education

With Iona Jones

Roots and Wings a holistic, child-led education project for 5 to 8 year olds. A space for children to thrive through community and creative activities.


Every Thursdays and Fridays in the Goddess House, Glastonbury. 
9:15am - 3pm. 

Image by Raul Angel

Our Birthkeepers & Doulas

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