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First Trimester Love 

With Laura & Lianne

Lianne & Laura are offering first trimester support - interweaving physical, emotional, spiritual knowledge & rituals for this often neglected about time of pregnancy. We believe the first trimester to be the most crucial and initiatory time for longtime health and wellbeing of mother and baby.

Alongside the celebration of creation and a new chapter in your life, we make space for the valuable choice of pregnancy release.

This is a space to be seen in all your wishes & concerns.

Laura supports through integrating contradicting emotions, navigating challenging thoughts and managing external expectations

Whilst Lianne accompanies women during the choice of Pregnancy Release as a Rite of Passage, she will meet you with respect, compassion & understanding.


Pregnancy Release Doula
- In Training through experience

Lianne Marson-May
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Lianne is a birthkeeper offering grounding support for women journeying through Pregnancy Loss. She works closely with the intertwining of Birth & Death, believing we access the same spiritual realm during these two dances. She offers a slow paced, wome-centred approach to Pregnancy Release, grounded in ceremony & honouring of the emotional & physical attributes of abortion. She hopes to help women reclaim their choices, processes & experience of Pregnancy Release. The letting go of a pregnancy is an emotional, physical & spiritual time which is often cast aside & not held in our society. I want to reclaim this passage & support you to create a space so you feel safe, nourished & truly seen within your process of Pregnancy Release. I offer my services, time & dedication to you in the ways of personal one-on-one support, sacred ceremonies to honour you, information about the process & in person doula support as you embark through the journey of this soul release.


Lianne Marson-May

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I am a conscious birthing Doula – a very creative soul who grew up connected to mother nature, and was taught at a young age that trusting ourselves as women is the most potent support one can receive. I aspire to hold you as your reconnect to your inner knowledge & trust in your body's ability to birth. I believe that having a Doula present for your birth invokes the feminine archetype of the crone, the mother of the tribe, the protection and wisdom of an elderly women. As a maiden I strive to channel this energy into my time with you & as I witness more women birthing in their own power I embrace a deep respect towards the ‘wisdom women’. Embracing their knowledge as a Maiden gives me the opportunity to bring a fresh energy to the Doula experience whilst guiding the deep wisdom of past generations into our conscious journeys. I strive for my relationship with each family to be very unique and open, providing as much personalized information as I can. I am inclusive of all identifications and will respect personal views. I take time to continuously support you one-on-one by understanding your story and believing in your birth preferences. I aim to advocate for you when needed and be there to signpost you to relevant information if you seek it. We all have beautiful bodies that do absolutely incredible things and I aim to give you the support to feel empowered in your own birth.

Laura Durban
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Laura trains certified Cacao practitioners and Ceremony Facilitators. She guides others to their innate wisdom through unveiling the innate power of our intuition and opening our hearts together with sacred Cacao. As a Story Teller and Arthurian Literature post-graduate Laura incorporates the myths of Avalon into her Cacao rituals to create potent initiation rites and heart healing ceremonies, online and in person in Glastonbury. Here she freebirthed her first son, thanks to the education and support of the Community and her embodied approach of living from love instead of fear. Her journey led her from anxiety and numbness to trust and confidence in her body, inner wisdom. Her aim is for us all to lead from within, rather than being guided by external expectations. Born and raised in Southern Germany, Laura lived in Iceland, Guatemala and the UK. Since 2017 Laura is working with and researching the sacred plant Theobroma Cacao and facilitates ceremonies, trainings and courses to connect with her Spirit. She was mentored by Keith Wilson, for whom she has trained Keith’s Cacao practitioners all over the world. She loves to inform you about the usage of Cacao before & during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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