Vision Statement

Birth is an everyday miracle, a Sacred Act to be revered and honoured by all. A new parent is born with every baby and all new mothers and fathers need to be lovingly cared for and supported. Every baby needs to be greeted in safety, with love and kindness. 

Our Sacred Birth Centre based in Glastonbury honours the importance of the sacred journey of Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Motherhood and Parenthood in people’s lives. 

The Sacred Birth Centre aims to be a Centre of Excellence for Sacred Birth philosophy, education and practice. Our desire is to inform, inspire and enhance the experience of Birth for parents, babies and birth practitioners throughout the world.

Mission Statement 

We recognise that conception, pregnancy, birth and parenthood are Sacred Rites of Passage within the lives of individuals and communities. We know that women’s Blood Mysteries and the Life and Death thresholds are all part of this sacred work. We support and promote both new and ancient ways of working at these thresholds that are rooted in land, in traditions and in modern day knowledge. 

The Sacred Birth Centre has been initiated by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, a Goddess-centred not for profit social enterprise, based in Glastonbury the Sacred Isle of Avalon. 

The Sacred Birth Centre is a cornerstone for the manifestation of the Vision of Motherworld and is inspired by its main principles. “Motherworld is the society where Mother Earth, Mothers and the values of mothering – love, care and support for each other, and for all Her creatures and nature are placed in the centre of our lives and communities rather than being left out on the periphery.” 

Core Values (long term beliefs to guide behaviour) 

We believe that Birth is a Sacred Rite of Passage, for mothers, fathers and their babies. It is an in-the-body, physical, emotional and spiritual experience of transformation. Gentle, caring, and loving birth practices can help heal women, men and their babies, changing the lives of future generations for the better. Love, trust and knowledge are the key elements of gentle birth. When we can facilitate the free flow of the oxytocin system within the body, a straightforward birth is the usual result. 

Knowledge is power, and in the Sacred Birth Centre we aim to provide a wide range of information, teaching and birthing practices to educate parents and the wider community. We plan to provide mothers and birthing families with meaningful personalised preparation, and birthing and postnatal support, in safety and with dignity. 

The Sacred Birth Centre cultivates a supportive, nurturing and trauma-informed environment where people can learn to release any fears surrounding pregnancy, birth or parenting. 

At the beginning of our development as an organisation our activity as a Sacred Birth Centre is focussed on education and support for women and parents in all stages of the birthing process. In the future we plan to provide specialised facilities where women can actively give birth with sacred preparation, supported by Midwives, Sacred Birthkeepers, Doulas, family and friends, as desired. 

The Sacred Birth Centre and Glastonbury Goddess Temple are inclusive organisations and are respectful of all people.