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Next Event - Cosy Birth Stories Afternoon

25th February 3pm - 5pm

at The Avalon Room (accessed upstairs through The Courtyard, 2-4 High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DU)


Birthing new life is one of the most miraculous and deeply transformative experiences we can have or bare witness to. Every birth story is truly unique and sets up the foundations for the life that follows. At the Sacred Birth Centre, we honour birth in all its forms - from the most natural and ecstatic births, to the most complex and challenging births, and everything in-between. 

At the Sacred Birth Centre we wish to normalise the concept of talking about birth, in all its forms, giving space to celebrate our journey through the birth portal as well as transmuting any pain or trauma that may be lingering. 

Cosy Birth Stories is an open event for anyone interested in listening to or sharing birth stories. It doesn’t matter how long ago you gave birth, the nature of your birth or your relationship with your birthing experience, or if you have never given birth - you are welcome to join us as we delve into sharing stories about our birthing experiences. This event is also open to men who are wanting to learn more about the birthing experience or wish to share their journey of supporting their partner through childbirth and witnessing the birth of their child! 

Babies in arms are welcome to attend, there will be a small play area set-up to the side. We would prefer childcare arrangements be made for older children but understand this isn't always possible. If your child is able to sit quietly in circle, play quietly to the side, or you're able to take them outside if they become a disturbance, they are welcome to attend. Please be aware of the content that will be shared when making this decision. People will be sharing birth stories that may contain birth trauma.

We will create a warm, cosy, and safe environment for all voices to be heard and held within a sacred container. You do not have to share, but that option is open to you - you can simply come and listen! 

Before we share our stories, we will open the space with a meditative journey, connecting with the energy of the womb and our own birth story. Once the stories have been heard, we will end with a ceremony to honour what has been shared. 

An altar will be created, so please feel free to bring an offering or an altar piece that is significant to you. 

Tea and light refreshments will be available.

To raise funds for the Sacred Birth Centre, we ask a suggested donation of £10 cash on the door. Please email: with questions or to reserve a place. Places are limited, email to make reservation or first come, first entry on the door.

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