We are so grateful to all the amazing birthkeepers, Priestesses, women, men and babies that joined us for the first ever Sacred Birth Conference.The whole weekend was an incredible, inspiring weaving of learning about the MotherWorld vision as described by Kathy Jones, Priestess of Avalon, which places Mother Earth, Mothers and the values of Mothering in the centre of life and how it has initiated the Sacred Birth Centre as an organisation.

What its means to be a Sacred Birth Keeper including the roles of attending births as well as carrying the flame of Birth Activism with Kristina Turner

We explored birth from a babies perspective and some of the many ways our birth stories can show up in our lives with Joy Horner

We heard about nervous system regulation for birth, postpartum & loss from a somatic perspective and the importance and ways of making a birthing mother feel safe with Iris Lican

We were so humbled and honoured to learn about the healing path of claiming the title Pearl Mother and how Unnur Arndisardottir encourages other infertile and childfree women to take up the title with pride because they have an important and healing role to play here on Mother Earth

We had a full immersion into working with herbs during pregnancy, birth & postnatal time with an informative talk and cleansing ritual with Sunshine Tresidder

Rose Orion incredible mother, artist, musician and freebirth advocate shared her peaceful unassisted water birth film and talked to us about physiological birth in mother mammals

We learnt about Reclaiming birth rites: lost wisdom & ancient medicine from the results of master research by Freya Rose Birch who also connected us all with the best version of ourselves with embodiment practice

Jady Mountjoy shared with us the cyclical nature of menstrual cycle awareness & the matrescence journey

Hannah Graceful Dawn shared with us how recovering our missing rites of passage & restoring our place on the map of womanhood can help us more consciously parent

Bindi Gauntlett shared her experience with solution focused motherhood and freeing ourselves from anxiety

Lilia Khousnoutdinova came as a participant to the conference but when we heard about her project we had to give her time to explain about the www.rallyforbetterbirth.com where she will be driving the upcoming East African Safari Classic Rally. Lilia Khousnoutdinova and Olga Lounova will be competing under number 26 with a new claim on maternity care across the bonnet. Claims like ‘Peace on earth brings peace on earth’ which we fully support.

We heard from Rebekah Mené Spirito how the Glastonbury Mothers Collective Mamma Village community support has evolved out of the pre & post natal & yoga groups

Iona Jones explained about Roots and Wings alternative education project which has evolved through conscious parenting and dreaming in the New Earth

Nalini Blossom – music featured here – shared with us her Sacred Birthing chant and Songs inspired by the Divine Mother

We had some technical issues with the sound in our special showing of Elisabeth Ubbe’s Birth Metal music video but everyone loved the amazing birth imagery. We hope we can gather again and watch this with full volume

Kemi Johnson shared with us some of her thoughts on sacred birth support and we look forward to having more full conversations

Sacred Birthkeeper Chrystèle Lafaye lead us in a beautiful ceremony to pour our wishes, hopes and intentions for the sacred birth centre into a string of womb beads

We had a very special evening celebration concert with Heloise Pilkington & Jenny Bliss

All with an amazing backdrop ot sacred birth art by Dorrie Joy, Sarah Slaughter, Rose Orion, Caroline Lewis and pottery from Joy Horner

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