Birthing new life is one of the most miraculous and deeply transformative experiences we can have or bare witness to. Every birth story is truly unique and sets up the foundations for the life that follows. At the Sacred Birth Centre, we honour birth in all its forms – from the most natural and ecstatic births, to the most complex and challenging births, and everything in-between.

At the Sacred Birth Centre we wish to normalise the concept of talking about birth, in all its forms, giving space to celebrate our journey through the birth portal as well as transmuting any pain or trauma that may be lingering.

We hosted Cosy Birth Stories afternoon, an intimate event of deep opening and connection amongst all who attended. The space was held in ceremony, creating a warm and relaxed environment that allowed participants to drop-in to a safe container of holding. We talked about our birthing journeys, the fears, the challenges, the hilarious moments, the pains, sounds, blood, sweat, tears and of course the joy and ecstasy of birthing and meeting our babies. It was an enriching experience for all who attended.

Violet, mother of 3 girls said about the Cosy Birth Stories afternoon,

“I signed up for the event with a bit of fear. On the one hand I am enthusiastic about the Sacred Birth Center project. I was at the Sacred Birth Conference 2023 and I spent two really intense and positive days then immersed in birthing stories. I love when women form a circle, a community, a listening and caring group. I believe in Motherworld and the ideals that designed it. But it was the first time that I would find myself talking about myself, about my births.

I talked about it with my husband, I wrote about it in my journals, I drew about it, but talking about it in public is something else! I was therefore undecided whether to go or not, and in the end I gathered my courage and went…

I found… a circle. A relaxed, calm, non-judgmental environment. A place for confidence, talking, and listening, each at their own pace. No rush, no embarrassment. Space for laughter, for questions, for “but you too?”, space for not feeling alone even in a unique experience. I was grateful for this opportunity, grateful for the welcome and the people I found. When do we do it again?”

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